A forest-Into the trees

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A Forest - Into the trees

Order your A4 sample via this link.

Printed on order 1-3 weeks lead time.

Product Code: KL101-01     Weight: 160gsm
Mica: - Non Woven - fibre texture + pearlescent - £35.00 per linear meter   

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Please select the wall height required and add the quantity of panels once you have selected the material and height in the Shopping Cart.                                   

EXAMPLE                                                                                                                        * 2m wide wall would require 4 panels  = 200cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 3.84 panels = 4 panel quantity                                                                                            * 3.4m wide wall would require 7 panels = 340cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 6.53 panels = 7 panel quantity

Repeatable mural - standard sizes @ £35.00 per linear meter

* 320cm height: 625.2cm width x 320cm height - 12 panel width

* 300cm height: 573.1cm width x 300cm height - 11 panel width

280cm height: 573.1cm width x 280cm height - 11 panel width

250cm height: 520cm width x 250cm height - 10 panel width                                                                                                                                                    Customisable, please contact us for further information via sales@ellipopp.com

We can print on various substrates and products including smooth, matt paper and or contract vinyl, please feel free to contact us for further information!

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Elli Popp is delighted to announce our collaboration with Painter Kata Lips.
Kata’s paintings experiment with perception and landscapes creating a playful world of colours and textures.
Parallelworld stands metaphorically for the other perspective – the situational context (daylight / UV light) influences the viewers perception even if the physical situation of the image is unchanged.We like to consider this dramatic changing of the design via light as emblematic of the inner subjectivity of humanity.