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Whisper Above The Clouds

Colourway: Midnight Blue & Turquoise

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Printed on order 1-3 weeks lead time.

Product Code: PM179-06     Weight: 160gsm
Mica: - Non Woven - fibre texture + pearlescent - £27.00 per linear meter   

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Collection insights....

Katja Behre, creative director at Elli Popp, “For me this collection is all about freedom, not only the freedom that we’ve all felt coming out from the restrictions of covid but also that feeling of liberation when we escape the confines of our own mental cages.
I experience this feeling most acutely in the mountains above the clouds,
where the grandness of the vista forces me to think bold and big and
free myself from the minutiae of daily life.”

Climb the Clouds Towards the Sun
I climb the dark clouds
Towards the sun
Seeking the light beyond
Yearning for freedom
Craving the infinite
I leave the small and miserly in the void
I climb the dark clouds towards the sun
I move my soul towards thee.

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Please select the wall height required and add the quantity of panels once you have selected the material and height in the Shopping Cart.                                   

EXAMPLE                                                                                                                        * 2m wide wall would require 4 panels  = 200cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 3.84 panels = 4 panel quantity                                                                                            * 3.4m wide wall would require 7 panels = 340cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 6.53 panels = 7 panel quantity

Repeatable mural - standard sizes @ £27.00 per linear meter

* 320cm height: 521cm width x 320cm height - 10 panel width

* 300cm height: 521cm width x 300cm height - 10 panel width

280cm height: 468.90cm width x 280cm height - 9 panel width

250cm height: 416.80cm width x 250cm height - 8 panel width                                                                                                                                                    Customisable, please contact us for further information via sales@ellipopp.com

We can print on various substrates and products including smooth, matt paper and or contract vinyl, please feel free to contact us for further information!

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Collection insights continuation....

My artwork tells of my inner feelings and thoughts.
Climb the Clouds Towards the Sun was born as I emerged from the deep grief following the death of my father.

The joy of design was hard for me to find while grieving, instead I collected and archived images and visual impressions from that time.
These images appear as motifs in the collection and each reflects a stepping stone from sadness to hope and finally back to joy.

I was inspired by the things that my father loved: the way the light falls on the poplars, the shapes in clouds, birds in flight and of course the mountains.
It is profoundly optimistic and speaks of our soul connections.

Losing someone we love is a story we will all be part of, and I’m hoping that Climb the Clouds Towards the Sun will remind that there’s beauty even
in sadness and that this recognition can help us take that next step back to joy.”

This unique collection is created in layers which allows for countless variations and options.
Each layer stands by itself or can be layered with others to create its own mood.
There are numerous colourways, from bold and brilliant to calm and peaceful,
so your choice of layers and colour ways will express your own unique
and personal vision.

We launch with three layering options in vivid colours.
Three further layering options and a full range of colourways including more muted tones is due to launch later in the year.

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PLEASE NOTE!!!                                                                                                       

Colours may vary between screens.                                                                         

PC's and Androids don't reflect real colours and always tend to display saturated red or blue.                                                                                                 

Apple products are very close to the real colour outcome.                                       

Every print batch varies slightly (between 2-5%) in colour which is the nature of digital printing on demand, so we recommend to place a sample order prior to placing the final order.

Alternatively please contact us for advise.

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