Private Home - Berlin Germany

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Private Client - Berlin, Germany

This wallpaper mural - based on patterns and colours from our "Anemone" repeatable mural designs, has been customised exclusively for our client, adding personal photos and drawings from their children, combining various details from our other designs "Adrift" and "Calypso's Cove".

We added a subtle vertical colour graduation from the white background of the main sections towards the grey background of 'Calypso's Cove' which is situated above the kitchen unit.

From sleeping dogs resting on floating jellyfish to diving children between and within this wonderous underwater world filled with their lovely drawings.

An utopian family story - filled with joy and love to every little detail.

A truly unique piece which we enjoyed so much working on.

After printing the fireplace design, the wallpaper received a special hand finish by our friend Ulrich Welter from 'Welter Wandunikate' who applied glass pearls over the entire surface as a unique and even more luxurious finish and eye catching piece within this open plan living and dining area.

Details used from our designs: Calypso's Cove

Details used from our designs: Anemone

Details used from our designs: Adrift