Anne's Kitchen-Project

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Anne Faber aka Anne's Kitchen - London, UK

Having met Anne Faber at a film shoot at 'Homemade London' for whom we also created a bespoke fully customised wallpaper, (Anne was producing the clip at that time), which lead us to this collaboration where Anne and Katja worked closely together on the repeat design, implementing photographs of Anne's favourite pieces and adding vintage imagery to create the overall Design for this fun and quirky repeat design.

Anne's Kitchen is a fantastic and inspiring multi media platform featuring a food blog, cook books and cook shows all written, created, styled and photographed by Anne herself.
The design has been fitted in her flat where she films her cook show when showing how to cook her recipes.
It has also been used in the inside of her first award winning cook book published in October 2013.

You can find out more through her website:

You can find Katja meeting Anne at around 6m within this clip when she spent the afternoon with her for her Episode 3 Sunday Lunch series - have fun ;-)