Minkie Spiro-Project

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Minkie Spiro - Private Residence - London, UK

Over the past 2 years we developed a close relationship with the Atzmon family who were first our clients in 2008 when they ordered a repeat wallpaper for their previous home.
Once they moved to their inspiring and eclectic home in North West, they commissioned Katja to create a family mural which included pictures of their vintage TV which shows their wedding pictures with their children climbing around the made up scene.
Combining profession with fun elements around it, the mural reflects a vintage cinema setting where the husband tries his best behind the film camera when being dressed up as a clown in his teens.
It was pure fun to work on this mural especially with such inspiring and loving people like this very special family.

Our mural wallpaper "Aurora Borealis" was custom designed around their slightly tricky entrance which includes countless doors, windows and arches.
A project you never wanted to end ;-)

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