Bali Covid-19

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Bali Covid-19

100% of all profits will be donated to the Balinesians

I created this ‘charity’ art print to help Kathrin with her initiative to generate more donations and help the people in her region which are desperately trying to survive.

With no flights going in or out for over a year, Balinesian's have been hit really badly with most being fully dependent on jobs generated through tourism.

This means they don’t have any other source of income to buy food or electricity/gas to feed their families or keep their household from falling apart.

Kathrin has been a close friend of mine for almost 30 years, some months before Corona came, she helped her Balinese partner to open his own little restaurant in a small village in the North of Bali, a region that is hit especially hard by the consequences of the pandemic.

Since the global lockdown started in 2020, she has started to help and support the locals in her area by asking friends and family for donations to supply them with the necessities they need to survive.

The virus itself doesn’t threaten their life as much as the loss of income and work.

Only €50-60 would supply enough for food and gas to feed a family of 4-6 for a month.

Printed on our high end, fibre textured, pearl effect wallpaper material.

P.S. Due to us joining in late, we have to print up sizes 2-,3&4 once we have the final/total order quantity.

This will take approximately 2 weeks + shipping time.

Please excuse and bear us, this is the only we for us to offer this size for the ACBF event.

We will update you once they have gone into printing and inform you when your order will be ready for dispatch.