Brixton Design Trial

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Brixton Design Trial - LDF 17 - London, UK

*** TIMEOUT - LONDON - Sep 2017 ***

*** ELLE DECOR - ITALIA - Sep 2017 ***

Katja took the liberty as a Print Designer/Artist to address topics close to her heart - which all of us humans on this planet should be more aware off and help reduce.

* Plastic Pollution in our waters - be it in our oceans, seas, lakes, rivers. Microscopic particles have been found in wildlife down to drinking water throughout the world.

* Oil Pollution - in various ways from leaking pipelines to the effects of fracking contaminating contaminating and ruining delicate ecosystems.

* Dying Bees - due to usage of heavy pesticides and insecticides in agriculture bees are dying out also eliminating one of natures most effective forms of pollination.

* Space Pollution - waste floating in space since decades and more to come, not considering long term consequences nor providing any forms of possible collection.

ID Papers is an exhibition hosted by Animali Domestici as part of the London Design Festival 2017.

The show brings together four artists who live in Brixton and have been chosen for their intrepid and irreverent spirit of innovation, their dedication to working across disciplines, their experimental approach to materials and processes, and their commitment to drawing inspiration from various cultures and art forms.

Outside, on the roof terrace, German-born designer Elli Popp presents her vision of cosmic landscapes and interplanetary travel. These large wall lights — the result of a collaboration with Animali Domestici — uses elements of Elli Popp’s Cosmos Wallpaper collection inspired by Jules Verne’s tales.

Come by and explore the inspiring and diverse collective show including:
* Gaya Giacometti * Zuzana Lalikova * Roberto Foddai * Elli Popp

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16-24th September
Open Daily: 10.00 - 18.00
1 Saltoun Road | Brixton | London SW2 1EN