Design Week - Dubai

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TALES by Wilson Associates
DOWNTOWN EDITIONS | 13-16.11.2018 Dubai

Wilson Associates has been invited to create an installation to celebrate the debut of downtown editions at this year’s Downtown Design.
This new element is dedicated to bespoke, limited Edition Designs, Capsule Collections and individual Studios.

We’re over the moon to share our Design Process with the local creative community.

Designing interiors is what truly motivates us.
We obsess over every detail.
Our core design process revolves around telling tales and evoking memories.

PASSION is FUNDAMENTAL to our process although
COLLABORATION is ESSENTIAL and forms the basis of our success.

Tales is a truly collaborative exhibition that involves:
Graphic and textile designers, wallpaper, wood flooring and rug manufacturers,
marble and mirror suppliers as well as floral artists.

Limitations and Preconceptions do not exist when we challenge and push each other beyond the boundaries of the expected.


Designs on Display:
* Wise Pond - A Frog Jumps
- alongside  ostrich lamp by 'A Modern Grand Tour'
* Come Closer and See
- we mirrored the design so the direction and layout of the pattern complimented the display and light
- alongside the skull chair by 'Fabrizio Novembre'
* Golden Slumbers
- customised version, we added egg laying and eating animals to this print version to compliment the egg light
- alongside the golden egg light Uovo by 'Lasvit'

Design & Styling in partnership with:

Wallpaper designs: