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Dusk - The sound of water - Aubergine

"Without doubt the layered foliage of the Amazon and its untouched corners have been a source of inspiration – washed over with waterfalls of impressionism."

Printed on order 3 weeks lead time.

Each panel is 52.1cm wide @ 300cm hight = £75.00
Select quantity of panels to add up to your wall width.

Mural wallpaper - Can be repeated after 6 panels
Total size: 312.6cm width x 300cm height
Customisable, please contact us for further information via sales@ellipopp.com

Product Code: PM163-01 - Purple
Product Code: PM163-02 - Blue
Product Code: PM163-03 - Purple Green
Product Code: PM163-04 - Turquoise
Material: Non Woven + Pearl
Alternative Material: Mica - fibre texture + pearlescent
Alternative Material: Non Woven Pearl Paper - smooth + pearlescent
Mural: 6 Panel 312.6cm width x 300cm height
Weight: 160gsm