Dusk-The Sound Of W...

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Dusk - The Sound Of Water

Printed on order 2-3 weeks lead time.


Please select the wall height required and add the quantity of panels once you have selected the material and height in the Shopping Cart.                                   

EXAMPLE                                                                                                                    * 2m wide wall would require 4 panels  = 200cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 3.84 panels = 4 panel quantity                                                                                            * 3.4m wide wall would require 7 panels = 340cm : 52.1cm wide panels = 6.53 panels = 7 panel quantity

Repeatable mural - standard sizes @ £25.00 - £29.00 per linear meter
* 300cm height: 521cm width x 300cm height - 10 panel width

280cm height: 468.9cm width x 280cm height - 9 panel width

250cm height: 416.8cm width x 250cm height - 8 panel width                                                                                                                                                    Customisable, please contact us for further information via sales@ellipopp.com

Product Code: PM163-03
Oberon - Non Woven - fibre texture + pearlescent - £29.00 per linear meter

Pearl - Non Woven - smooth + matt - £29.00 per linear meter                            Matt - Non Woven - smooth + pearlescent - £25.00 per linear meter                        Mica - Non Woven - fibre texture + pearlescent - £25.00 per linear meter

Weight: 160 - 180gsm


PLEASE NOTE!!!                                                                                                        Colours may vary between screens.                                                                          PC's and Androids don't reflect real colours and always tend to display saturated red or blue.                                                                                                  Apple products are very close to the real colour outcome.                                        Every print batch varies slightly (between 2-5%) in colour which is the nature of digital printing on demand, so we recommend to place a sample order prior to placing the final order.

Alternatively please contact us for advise.