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Fingerprints  Dinner Plate - Light Grey

Product Code: F_DP1003_2 - Dinner Plate
Dimensions: Diameter 27.20cm

Material: Fine Bone China
Produced: Hand finished in Stoke-on-Trend
Care: Dishwasher and Microwave proofed

Turning smudges into a stylish design element.
Our new ‘Fingerprint’ Fine Bone China collection is a fun yet elegant approach to an everlasting memory we all know so well - fingerprints all over the place.
Either from being told off as a child leaving our finger marks all over our grandmothers porcelain or smudging around on your parents new white sofa.
We all have the memories of doing some naughty finger business.
This time we turned it into a fun, yet elegant design element with an edgy twits to it.
Produced in the UK capital of high quality Fine Bone China, Stoke-on-Trent, giving careful consideration to colour, shape and placements of each individual finger.
The ‘mugshot’ moment in another way.
Is it a crime? 
Is it a child or just a residue of an Octopus dinner?