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Jonathan Charles - Silk Sofa - London, UK

This sofa bench is available with a lead time of approximately 4-6 months - made to order.

Please contact us under if you wish to receive information about prices and customisation options.

Jonathan Charles Furniture Silk – Bench

We are delighted about the upcoming sofa/bench upholstered with our ‘Bamboo Breeze’ design.

JC first showed our designs Fabry Perot as well our silk cushions and fine bone china table ware as installation pieces in their Chelsea showroom and at Decorex International. 

We were both extremely happy with the presentation and it came naturally that we should collaborate on a joined project. 

We took it a step further by developing a concept for and with JC, with the aim of upholstering one of their sofas with a design in silk – merging both structure, texture and pattern in a symbiotic merging of styles.

The design breaks up the classical and elegant style of this JC furniture piece bringing it into a new light and flow in shape.

The placement of the print has been specially developed to create a cascading movement of colours – from lush and vibrant greens to gentle and dusky blue/purples – moving from a natural range to an artistic interpretation. 

Combined with the play of light on silk and the structure of the sofa – this unveils a dazzling play on light, space and emotions.

You can find the original mural via the link below:

You can find the fantastic handmade furniture from Jonathan Chalres via the link below: