Loft Apartment - LA

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Loft Apartment - Los Angeles, USA

Both colour ways of our 'Issey-Nymph of the Waters' have been customised in various ways.

The open plan main area has the green/aubergine colour way printed with the details moved from the bottom to the top to compliment the space including a matching silk cushion. 
The Powder room is most suitable in the grey colour version, with the colour splashes dripping down towards the sink..
It  has been printed to the exact measurements to work around this small space, creating little features  including architectural details like window, door, sink and toilet.

This project is hanging at our dear Downtown LA friends which also run a fantastic art gallery with edgy projects and exhibitions, stirring up the other end of commercial, mainstream Galleries.

Wallpaper and Fabric Design: Issey - Nymph pf the Waters

Main Room:

Powder Room:

These Days Gallery and Shop: