London Town Hall - David Bowie Room

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Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton - London, UK

A customised version of our Fabry Perot with more peacocks added and a fluedly, fading colourwange of a dark grey towards a lovely vibrant teal to compliment the upholstery fabric.

The Bowie Room

Located on the ground floor, The Bowie Room is available from Monday to Thursday for smaller, intimate celebrations.

The room has a green theme with bespoke design wallpaper and floral decoration.

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Brixton Blog Article

Brixton Design Trail star Katja Behre of Elli-Popp brings to life Lambeth council’s register office in the revamped town hall in Brixton with a specially commissioned wallpaper mural.

Her trademark “hide and seek” design encourages visitors to look deep within the mural to discover the hidden depths of Lambeth people and culture.

Katja says: “With such an abundant and rich history I felt it important to discreetly add cultural figures into the design – from William Blake and Olive Morris, to vintage photographs of Brixton and Brixtonians.

“All these illustrious south Londoners are also mixed in with the current locals – as it is the people who make Lambeth.

“It was an honour working on this commissioned wallpaper mural not only as a local, but I also learnt a lot about the cultural heritage of this diverse district and council,” says German-born Katja.