London Town Hall - Main Reception

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Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton - London, UK

Lambeth Town Hall, situated in the heart of Brixton, is a grand old Edwardian building which opened over a century ago in 1908 by King George V and Queen Mary. The Grade II listed building has recently undergone an impressive refurbishment which has beautifully restored the building to its original glory, making it a picturesque location to get married or form a civil partnership.

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Brixton Blog Article

Brixton Design Trail star Katja Behre of Elli-Popp brings to life Lambeth council’s register office in the revamped town hall in Brixton with a specially commissioned wallpaper mural.

Her trademark “hide and seek” design encourages visitors to look deep within the mural to discover the hidden depths of Lambeth people and culture.

Katja says: “With such an abundant and rich history I felt it important to discreetly add cultural figures into the design – from William Blake and Olive Morris, to vintage photographs of Brixton and Brixtonians.

“All these illustrious south Londoners are also mixed in with the current locals – as it is the people who make Lambeth.

“It was an honour working on this commissioned wallpaper mural not only as a local, but I also learnt a lot about the cultural heritage of this diverse district and council,” says German-born Katja.