Private Home - Milan

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Private Home - Milan, Italy

We developed fully customised and exclusive versions of all our mural designs for this client in Milan.

We worked closely together to include personal details with our signature 'hide and seek style' to our cosmos wallpaper range including photographs of family members, friends as well as professional photos of the clients acting profession.

We included some snapshots of the patterns we aren't able to display in setting yet to give a wider view of what we have further developed for them.



Wallpaper Design Sitting Room: Les Voyages Fantastique

Wallpaper Design Hallway: Aurora Borealis

Wallpaper Design Dining Room: Fabry Perot

Wallpaper Design Bedroom: De la terre a la lune - From the earth to the moon

Wallpaper Design Bedroom: Spring Flower Rain

Wallpaper Design Bedroom: Barn Owl

Interior design by: Dilmos Milano

Photo Credit: Marco Bonilla

Armchair by Andrea Salvetti “Nido” (first picture)

Mirror by Annibale Oste “Cerchio perfetto” (second picture)