Rufflets - St Andrews, UK

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Rufflets - Restaurant - St Andrews, Scotland

It's a fine dining experience with a wow at Rufflets, where they've used our Banana Leaf teal wallcovering!

Taking the brief “Grown with love, cooked with passion, inspired by nature” 442 Design completely refurbished the Seasons fine dining restaurant at the prestigious country house hotel near St Andrews.
Our statement mural is complemented by a soft, sophisticated palette, that takes influence from the gardens and the home-grown produce.

This project came through our collaboration with Tektura.

Rufflets St Andrews has been a family owned hotel since 1952, and today has the reputation for one of the highest quality country house hotels in Scotland.

Photo Credit: Rufflets

Wallpaper Design: Wise Pond - A Frog Jumps

Tektura text and design version: Banana Leaf