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Work in progress!
Please excuse the unfinished settings and quality of the photos, they were quick snap-shots.

We created some exclusively personalised design versions of our De la terre a la lune, A Bash or Do and Calypso's Cove for our client in Cologne, Germany.

* De la terre de la lune - From the earth to the moon was customised to the degree that we removed all landscape details and created a cosmos skyline only.
* For the master bedroom we exchanged our original photographs with the clients provided image which we than adjusted to blend in with the overall vintage feel of the repeat design, changing the photo to sepia and colouring in parts of the original photo to blend in perfectly.
* The additional room includes our Calypso's Cove in it's available layout and design.

We added the original version in situ and plain behind each room to show the changes which have been made, explaining the process visually.

The project was through:

They are available via the links below:
Boys bedroom:

Master bedroom:

Additional room: